This is a "No Lead" brass swing check valve with 3/4" threaded connections. It features gravity-assisted backflow prevention in a full flow design. Turbulence and head pressure are kept at the barest minimum. Flow direction is indicated on the valve.

NOTE: Optimally, this valve should be installed in a vertical position, pointing up. Horizontal installations are acceptable, assuming the orientation allows the flap to hang closed. Under no circumstance should the valve be installed in a down-flow position or upside-down, due to gravity holding it open.

Manufacturer Part Number: 105-104NL

** Images depict reference vales. Actual valves are stamped with NL for "No Lead".
Country of Origin Taiwan

3/4” T-451 “No Lead” Swing Check Valve

  • Brand: Legend Valve
  • Product Code: 105-104NL
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