About Us

CoilStore.com is the factory direct store created by Bindus Manufacturing, LLC.  It was originally designed to sell only hard-to-find replacement parts to the public for a few select products.

As time went on, there was an increasing demand to add finished products to the store.  Some parts of the country do not have easy access to AQUECOIL™ products through wholesale distribution channels.  CoilStore.com now makes it easy to find and buy the highest quality hydroheat (Hydronic Heating) products available direct from the manufacturer.  The store serves Home Owners, Dealers/Contractors and Wholesalers at the appropriate multipliers.

AQUECOIL™ products are made in the USA, by American citizens, using domestic materials wherever possible.  The base HHU and HWC models are 99-100% domestic.  The optional valves are imported from Italy and Taiwan.  The optional circulator pumps are made in the USA using a parts from various domestic and international sources.

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